A unique site located on the plateau overlooking the Seine Estuary, recently restored and ready to welcome the public

A little-known gem that you absolutely must discover.
Nestled on the heights of Honfleur, lies an area that has been forgotten for too long.
The Manoir du Désert is an authentic and astonishing site, combining the half-timbered construction tradition of the Pays d'Auge with unusual details like this observation tower which gives it its very particular silhouette.

And his little extra thing...

A whole collection of maritime graffiti on the walls of the main house. Sometimes a little clumsy engravings of boats, left over the centuries by the occupants of the place.

The estate of a rich family of Honfleur shipowners

The Manoir du Désert, classified as a Historic Monument in 1928, is a remarkable building located in the town of Gonneville sur Honfleur. It was built at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries on behalf of the Le Danois brothers, a family of shipowners and victuallers from Honfleur who derived a significant part of their wealth from maritime trading.

At that time, there was a complete estate around the house: a farm with a bread oven, apple orchard, press, stables, haylofts, etc.

The tower which overlooks the building was a lookout allowing the family to see the estuary and the return of the boats. From this tower, one could access all the rooms of the manor; it is a symbol of power of the master of the place.

The materials used, as much as its structure (a half-timbered floor built on a ground floor with a checkerboard of limestone and flint) bear witness to the know-how and construction traditions of the Pays d'Auge of this period.

The Stéphane Bern Mission

Highlighted in 2018 by the “Stéphane Bern mission” and its heritage lottery, the main house has benefited from a major restoration in recent years.

Other renovations and developments will soon follow on the rest of the estate.

A New Life for the Manor

The desire of the City of Honfleur, owner of the site, is to make this remarkable heritage a lively and lively place, notably through a program of cultural events, throughout the year: visits, conferences, concerts and many other events.

The site lends itself to many possibilities…

Visit our online calendar for more details.

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