Lush greenery in the heart of Honfleur. Enjoy a breath of fresh air in the three magnificent gardens that adorn Honfleur.

Loic Pilon

2h00 – 2,5km

Gardens, landscapes and viewpoints…

Immerse yourself in the three gardens that adorn Honfleur: Le Jardin du Tripot, Le Jardin public and The Garden of Personalities. A getaway surrounded by nature in the heart of Honfleur.

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Tripot Garden

Tripot Garden

This space is an invitation to stroll, a haven of tranquility, in the heart of the historic center from Honfleur. Mixing Story, culture et promenade along the water, with one side zen which inspires serenity. Located on an arm of the Claire, the garden includes numerous promontories and viewpoints over the watercourse, which are optimally highlighted.

The artist Annick Leroy made a fresco in mosaic recalling the work of the corporation of tanners and dyers. She also designed two sculptures fountains.

Open daily from 10h to 19h

Jardin public

As you stroll along the pier and Boulevard Charles V, you will discover the public garden, created in 1996. This park is also called “ The Rediscovered Garden » for its romantic setting and its English-style organization. Nature is recreated there (flower beds, groves, ponds, waterfalls, etc.) but reinterpreted and mastered by man.

An ideal setting to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation, especially with children who have at their disposal a very well equipped playground.


  • From 01 / 05 to 31 / 08
    • from 08AM to 00PM
  • From 01 / 09 to 30 / 04
    • from 08AM to 00PM

Pier Walk

Enjoy a moment of calm throughout this walk. Admire the boats leaving the Seine to set sail, following the estuary to the beach. A walk, easy and accessible to all, not to be missed!

Garden of personalities

Inaugurated in 2004, this 10-hectare landscaped space offers promenade to the discovery of garden boats in the center of which stand the busts actors of the historical and cultural heritage of Honfleur.
Among these personalities: gifted children from the country, native of the small city but also of personalities who are there lived or stayed, such as Claude Monet, Charles Baudelaire to name just a few…

A very pleasant walk at a time playful et informative...

Open daily from 8h to 19h

Butin Beach

Located at the entrance to Honfleur from the coastal road, Butin beach has all the amenities to welcome you comfortably and safely during the summer season: car park free nearby, showers, cabins, equipment rental, and a play area for children.

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