Get ready to get on your mounts and head out discovery of Honfleur and enchanting landscapes of the Pays d'Auge on horseback! Today I'm taking you for a horseback riding thrilling on the beaches of Normandy.

To try your hand at horse riding, put on your stirrups and follow me to discover our 4 addresses which will allow you to realize your equestrian dreams in Calvados, between Honfleur, Deauville and Le Havre. What are you waiting for to join me?

Sylvain Guichard / Calvados Attractiveness

Moment Suspended

A breath of fresh air by the sea

A horseback ride in the Pays d’Auge! 🏇

Whether you are an experienced rider or riding a horse for the first time, the Morelle Equestrian Center welcomes you with open arms! Horse riding lessons, pony activities for children, horse riding activities for adults… There is something for everyone! But for me, it will be an equestrian circuit on Honfleur beach.

Accompanied by Elise, the club instructor, Calvados and Pomme, our horses, we are ready for this promenade madness ! I put on my bomb, I put my foot in the stirrup before following the circuit prepared by Elise. From the Honfleur road, we gently go up the Seine Estuary, from the Rivière-Saint-Sauveur off the booty beach. On horseback, everything seems magical! Even the Normandy Bridge seems a little bigger...

An introductory walk near Honfleur! 🎠

You too dream ofa horseback ride “à la Jappeloup”? Today, I discovered a whole new passion: horse riding, horses and little ponies! After a search in Honfleur and the surrounding area, I discovered some stables in the Pays d'Auge. There is no shortage of reviews, so it is here, at the Fresnelle Equestrian Farm, that my great pony adventure begins.

La Fresnelle equestrian farm

When I arrive, the smell of fresh straw and the joyful neighing of horses welcome me. The horse farm is animated by a contagious energy, so much so that after having met my faithful steed, a pony with a cheerful character, we are already off for the visit! We trot in the heart of Calvados, in the nature of Honfleur, before returning to the riding club... A short hike as I like them, with a little taste of “come back”!

A horseback ride on Deauville beach! ⛱️

Riders, saddle up! If you like them horse riding Asked surroundings of Honfleur, you will love galloping on Deauville beach. The colorful beach huts, the legendary villas of Deauville, the horses of the Écurie du Petit Paris…

Much more than a horseback ride, or a simple riding lesson: this equestrian center offered me the opportunity to discover the Sulky Experience!

Following Edouard's lessons, I climb aboard the horse-drawn carriage (the sulky) and off we go for a stroll! The horses take me through a circuit of the most authenticity from Calvados. Our trot stops near the center of Pennedepie before reaching Deauville beach, guided by the horses from the stable. The water tickles my face while a sea breeze gives me a taste of freedom... This is an equestrian baptism made in Normandy!

Stable of Little Paris


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