2km long, it dominates the Seine estuary with sumptuousness

Connecting Le Havre to Honfleur, the Pont de Normandie was inaugurated in 1995, to reinforce the Pont de Tancarville. A remarkable cable-stayed bridge, it was designed by Michel Virlogeux, also designer of the Millau Viaduct!

Can we cross it on foot? By bike ?

By foot, allow 2 hours to make the round trip. Cover yourselves well ! Access is free for pedestrians.

By bike, the Normandy Bridge can be crossed by bike BUT we recommend not doing this, the cycle lane is narrow and you are very close to vehicles. Also be careful of the wind which can be very disturbing.

Where to photograph it from?

Meet on theesplanade of the sails of liberty in Berville-sur-mer, a superb panorama of the 2 bridges.

What is the cost of crossing by car?

The crossing costs €5,80 by car.

We tested for you ! A trip to the Seine estuary by catamaran + a trip under the Pont de Normandie with the sailing school!”

Clémence and Camille - The Merry Vadrouilles

“We Get Wet” – Season 2

Clémence and Camille embark with Tom and Alexis for an introduction to sailing (J80 and Catamaran)And without spoiling things, the title of the episode is quite premonitory…

“Wind in the sails” – Season 3

The girls are back at Butin beach but this time they stay on the sand with Aymeric who will try to teach them sand yachting... with more or less success...

Nautical activities

For thrill-seekers! Sand yachting, catamaran, paddle, water walking... And a little relaxing drink at the beach bar The Spot in Honfleur!

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