Cycling enthusiasts and exploration enthusiasts: I'll meet you in Honfleur, the pearl of Calvados. Here, you can wander through the green countryside of the Pays d'Auge, the blue horizon of the Seine, to the cobbled streets of the surrounding villages...
Shall I take you on a bike ride?

Honfleur and its surroundings: our 5 cycling routes! 🚲

On this Normandy land, where the landscapes change with the seasons, bikes are out! Labeled “Accueil Vélo ”, Honfleur and its hosts invite you to discover the joys of two wheels.
On the roads of Pays d'Auge, from Deauville to Honfleur, on the banks of the Seine, or at the foot of the Normandy bridge... Strap on your helmet, get on your bikes, and follow me on this tour of beautiful Normandy!

Let's discover together the most beautiful circuits to explore the surroundings of Honfleur

Loop n°14: “Honfleur and its Impressionist landscapes” 📸

Hello Laroux

Honfleur, land of the Impressionists

What if we left for one of our Happy Mops with our bikes?
From the Saint-Sauveur River to downtown Honfleur, this bike ride is not without surprises! As my legs begin to heat up, each pedal stroke brings me closer to the famous Chapelle de Grace... A visit not to be missed! So don't forget to always follow the red markers.

It is time for break ? In the shade of the rhododendrons of the Bois de Breuil, I only want to finish this Honfleur bike loop! On arrival, the icing on the cake: the panorama of Mont-Joli welcomes me with an indescribable light...

→ Set off on the Impressionist route in Honfleur!

The old Fatouville lighthouse

Cycling along the estuary offers some gems

Loop n°1: “Walk along the Seine” 💦

37 km of cycle paths await you along the Seine Estuary. From Saint-Pierre-du-Val to Berville-sur-Mer, this bike ride promises to be difficult... Don't worry: after the 5th kilometer climb, nothing will be able to stop you!

It is time for break ? Nothing better than a walk on the Seine Estuary to stretch your legs after miles on your bikes! I even indulged in a little ice cream facing the Pont de Normandie… Perfect for cooling off before hitting the road again!

→ Discover the loop along the banks of the Seine in Honfleur!

If you liked this route, don't hesitate to discover a new improvised route along the Channel. From Deauville to Honfleur, or even to Le Havre... There's nothing like it to enjoy the sea air of the Pays d'Auge!

Loop n°2: “Walk to the Fontaine Saint-Laurent” 🍃

Budding cyclist? This loop is made for you! From Genneville, I was able to wander the plains and valleys of Normandy. Embark on 17 km of cycle paths, passing through “Les Gravées” to the town of Quetteville where the Saint-Laurent Fountain is located. Even if this circuit is the easiest in Honfleur, be careful: the last bend is tight!

It is time for break ? I advise you to stop near the Genneville river. I found the Lavoirs du Calvados there, the perfect place to recharge your batteries before setting off again on our bikes!

→ Wander through the Honfleur countryside!

Loop n°3: “At the edge of the Risle” 🥇

If each loop reveals a new facet of Normandy to us: this time, I'm going for a stroll along the Risle river!

Leaving Conteville, I followed the Hameau Pottier to the Moulin valley, before joining the Brière road in Saint-Sulpice-de-Grimbouville…
A 2-hour journey: my new record! Who is ready to take on the challenge?

Cycle along the Risle loop in the Pays d'Auge!

Loop 4: Around Beuzeville

Let me take you on the roads of Pays d'Auge for a new bike ride.
Get ready, the serious things begin now! This circuit guides you along 25 km of cycle paths, departing from Beuzeville: between sunken paths, undergrowth and towns... It is the ideal way to discover the landscape of Normandy.

It is time for break ? Before joining Boulleville and the small village of Saint-Maclou, I let myself be tempted by an impromptu visit: the Church of Manneville-La-Raoult. It's calm before setting off on your bike!

→ Venture into the Pays d’Auge and its valleys!

Vincent Rustuel

The Seine by Bike

Pretty Normandy Bridge

Honfleur and beyond: our great cycling routes!

Whether you were born on a bike or simply looking for an escape to the colors of Normandy, I have tested new itineraries for you to travel in the north of France.

Welcome to the road Seine by bike ! This 430 km circuit looks like a challenge: from Paris to the Sea, there is only one pedal stroke. For me, the visit is limited to the borders of Calvados. From Deauville to Le Havre, via Honfleur, before finishing my race in Pont-l'Évêque... A refreshing escape that will make your mouth water!

Vincent Rustuel

And for even more intrepid adventurers, the Vélomaritime extends his arms to you. From Honfleur, I followed this legendary road which crisscrosses the Normandy coast and guess what? There are no more beautiful ways to discover the Channel! If you are tempted by the entire circuit: the route links Roscoff in France to kyiv in Ukraine over 4 km. For me, the short route from Deauville to the edge of Honfleur is more than sufficient…
Suffice to say that you will only be a few kilometers from the Tour de France!

David Darrault / Calvados Attractiveness

A little tour

on the Old Basin

Renting bikes ? Our addresses in Honfleur!

Did you come on foot? Before you embark on your cycling adventure in Honfleur and neighboring villages, make sure you find the perfect two-wheeled steed! Electric or old-fashioned: I have the best bike rental addresses in store for you!

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