Immersed in a painter’s house in Honfleur

Let's venture together to Honfleur, a charming town in Normandy in France, for a visit between four walls. Forget the paintings of Eugène Boudin and the art of Claude Monet for a moment, and let me tell you about this meeting with La Forge de Honfleur and its artisan painter! A meeting in the streets of Honfleur… 🖌️…


Honfleur celebrates 150 years of Impressionism

Considered one of the cradles of the Impressionist movement, the medieval city of Honfleur is a must-see in Normandy. Known as "the city of painters", the Normandy port has this incomparable charm which inspired, inspires and will continue to inspire many artists. The 150 years of Impressionism are therefore an opportunity to highlight this charm and these…


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