A philosopher once said: “The future belongs to those who brunch.” This is my motto! Every Sunday, after a lie-in, it's brunch time. I take you with me to Honfleur to discover the best restaurants of this sublime
city ​​of Normandy! Whether you are a big foodie or looking for a little Sunday treat, Honfleur is full of restaurants that will satisfy your hungry taste buds.

David Darrault

Brunch with a view… not bad, right?

On this morning's menu, you will find my 4 favorite places for a Norman brunch in Honfleur:

Restaurant n°1: La Maison du Tripot 🥞

Notice to lovers of fresh fruit: in smoothies, jams, buffets, or juices… La Maison du Tripot is made for your brunch! While walking in the Saint-Léonard district, I could not resist the charm of this restaurant. If in winter I enjoy lunch by the fireplace, I don't hesitate to join the terrace for brunches in the summer. I feel at home there!

Brunch La Maison du Tripot_Honfleur
The Gambling House

📌 My opinion : this restaurant made me capsize from the first bite! In addition to a warm atmosphere and attentive service, the Maison du Tripot offers you a menu of choice. Scrambled eggs, savory buffet, tangy desserts… I love it! From the “French-style” breakfast to the sweet flavors of Normandy, the Maison du Tripot brings everyone together.

(I.e.Address : La Maison du Tripot, 3 rue de la Chaussée, Saint-Léonard district in Honfleur.
📞 Do not hesitate to reserve your table for your brunch in Honfleur: 02 31 98 61 85!

Restaurant n°2: L’Atelier 🥓

Ah, L’Atelier… A restaurant that makes me salivate as soon as I hear the word “brunch”! While the reviews are full of praise for the restaurant's famous pastries, I will never forget all the flavors on the savory menu: runny fried eggs, Normandy Camembert, tender zucchini tatin... The good taste of homemade !

📌 My opinion : if not the restaurant menu, I was immediately seduced by the location of L'Atelier. From Vieux Bassin to the heart of the Saint-Léonard district, there is nothing more peaceful for brunch! In addition to exquisite dishes inspired by Normandy, a friendly French atmosphere and impeccable service worthy of great restaurants... L'Atelier definitely deserves its place among my favorite places for brunch in the city!

📍Address : L'Atelier, 15 cours des Fossés, Saint-Léonard district in Honfleur.
📞 Do not hesitate toreserve your table for your brunch in Honfleur: 02 31 14 83 07!

Restaurant n°3: Cakes and Delicacies 🧇

At Cakes et Gourmandise, brunch is a real institution! On the restaurant's menu: Chiboust tart, Honfleuraise salad, Streusel with Norman apples... Not forgetting the famous lemon cake which adds a zest of freshness at the end of the brunch. My mouth is watering !

Cakes & Gourmandises_Honfleur
Cakes & Treats

📌 My opinion : what would brunch be without coffee? At the Cakes et Gourmandise restaurant, it’s quite an art! American coffee, latte, cappuccino… For fans of this succulent beverage, like me, you will not be disappointed! My little extra to accompany coffee: the apple and Calvados cake. It’s my touch of Norman madness!

📍Address : Cakes et Gourmandise, 4 place Sainte Catherine, in Honfleur.
📞 Do not hesitate to reserve your table for your brunch in Honfleur: 02 31 89 69 30!

Restaurant n°4: La Petite Chine 🍳

Once upon a time, Little China in Honfleur. It's the story of a gourmet encounter, between a brunch lover and a small restaurant nestled in the city's Vieux Bassin. One of the most beautiful places in Honfleur, “French-style” cuisine and excellent service… This is the recipe for a successful brunch!

📌 My opinion : a brunch at Little China is for me an opportunity to return to my childhood... Here, the hosts welcome us with such friendliness that we immediately immerse ourselves in this tea room atmosphere. Porcelain cups, lace doilies and gourmet pastries: I can't help but play tea party!

📍Address : La Petite Chine, 12 rue du Dauphin Bis, quai de Vieux Bassin, in Honfleur.


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