BRICKS EXPERIENCE is an activity room with Lego® bricks, in downtown Honfleur, for fun and team-building workshops during seminars and work meetings, a training organization in business strategy with bricks Lego®, and a space for learning and entertainment workshops for children aged 4 and over.

Come challenge yourself with extraordinary constructions in a chic Lego® setting, which can be privatized for all your professional and private events.

For businesses, discover Team Building where everyone does their part! Challenges and challenges will have to be taken up through our BRICKS BUILDING for team cohesion activities between colleagues, friends, customers, etc. Enjoy a unique work experience with cooperative workshops with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology which facilitates communication during meetings, to promote reflection and problem solving for individuals, teams and organizations.
At the very location of your private and public events, we come to create creative and interactive activities with Lego® bricks for your guests, customers or employees.

Enjoy a magical world for children during school holidays and certain dates on our schedule. On the program are discovery, challenge, learning and educational workshops with unique and surprising activities in our construction and experiment rooms.
Without forgetting the privatization of the entire space for a birthday or a private party on the theme of Lego®. It's going to break bricks!!!

Facilitator, member of the Master Trainers association and certified in Lego® Serious Play® methodology.
We speak: French, English


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  • Credit card
  • Cash
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  • Free Wifi


7 Rue des Meadows
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