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Meet on May 19 and 20, 2024

Every Pentecost weekend, Honfleur prepares and dresses in its finest attire. For several days now, the entire city has been adorned with flags and displays the sailors' colors in every window, on every street corner.

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It's THE meeting place for seafarers, the time of year for this community of sailors to come together. But it is also a celebration very deeply anchored in the soul of the city and its inhabitants.

Is it its Viking origins that explain why Honfleur's roots plunge so deep into the sea? Is it its location in the estuary which, throughout time, will push its inhabitants to embark on voyages of discovery? 

One thing is certain, the identity of the Norman port has always been linked to the sea and the heart of Honfleur beats to the rhythm of the tides. The history of the city resonates with the names of explorers like Samuel de Champlain, privateers like Jean Doublet and we follow in the footsteps of numerous shipowners, navigators or even pirates by walking along the quays of the old port.

Loic Pilon

A tradition of more than 150 years

On Sunday, mass takes place at Saint Catherine's Church, all decked out and decorated for the occasion. In the heart of the sailors' quarter, enthroned on the main square, our wooden church adorned in this way is sublime.

Then the blessing of the sea takes place in the Bay of Seine, all the boats leave the port in a charming parade and a ceremony takes place in the middle of the Estuary.

Monday comes the highlight of the Sailors' Day, it is that of the procession during which models of boats are carried from the city center of Honfleur to the Notre-Dame de Grace chapel located on the heights of Honfleur. . This moment of celebration and music is the most awaited by everyone, everyone puts on their sailor top and joins the crowd for a joyful walk.
Our advice: save a little strength and energy for the ascent of the Côte de Grace which concludes the procession, it's a bit of a climb.

Notre Dame de Grace Chapel

In Équemauville, at the top of the hill overlooking Honfleur, you will find the sailors' chapel, one of the oldest sanctuaries in Normandy, since the first chapel was built in the 11th century. The current building, which dates from the 17th century, is dear to the hearts of the people of Honfleur since Notre-Dame de Grace is quite simply the protector of the city. The interior is covered with ex-votos and models. 

The chapel has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, and this is still the case today during the Sailors' Festival at Pentecost in particular.

Every Pentecost weekend, the party is in full swing and Honfleur celebrates the Sailors' Day like no other. We were lucky enough to be there and to vibrate alongside the people of Honfleur. Parades, processions, concerts, blessing of the sea, it is an event that no Honfleur resident would miss.

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Loic Pilon

“We too put on our sailor tops to sing and pay homage to the sea and to all sailors. With their pompoms, all the little kids are out! We admire the multicolored boats to dream big! To the song of the fanfare, Margot is in the front row to accompany the procession of boat models to the Plateau de Grace! This sea ​​festival is an event to do in Honfleur, the beating heart of Honfleur. ”

Our Traveling Hearts

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