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Intrepid hikers and lovers of the great outdoors: welcome to Honfleur, pearl of Calvados, in Normandy ! From the mysterious Breuil woods to the secrets of the Mont Courel forest, via the wild coast of the Argousier trail... It's the ideal season for strolling through the landscapes of Normandy.

While the trees are adorned with flowers, we find ourselves in Honfleur for new adventures! Put on your hiking shoes and tighten your laces, I'll take you through three essential walks that will make you fall in love with this little corner of Normandy. On the way ?

Hike no. 1: Bois de Breuil circuit 📸

Vincent Rustuel

Let's set sail towards one of the hidden gems of Honfleur, Breuil wood ! Located in the Calvados department, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, this is where our hiking begins. So let's take a walk in the woods, while spring is here...

Departing from the Riboussailles car park in Pennedepie, I take the greenway of the walkway. This is a loop that will appeal to nature lovers: between the copper oaks and the two-hundred-year-old beeches of Normandy, I feel like an adventurer!


  • Departure city : Pennedepie, 10 minutes from Honfleur.
  • Duration of the loop: 1 hour on foot
  • Circuit distance: 5 kilometers.
  • Difficulty of the hike: Beginner.

💡 My hiking advice: don't hesitate to spice up your hike as you wish! This time, I venture to the heights of Équemauville, to discover the Mont Joli. It is the most beautiful panorama of the Pays d'Auge. From Honfleur to Le Havre, without forgetting the Seine Estuary and the Pont de Normandie: a real postcard setting!

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Toddlers' walk_Bois du Breuil
C. Deshayes

Walk for toddlers 👶

Meeting with the nature that surrounds us, between you and your family. Stories and small workshops linked to our 5 senses, in the middle of the forest. Slowly, marvel at ordinary nature.


  • Wednesday June 19 at 10 p.m.

Special entertainment for 2-6 year olds. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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Hike no. 2: heather circuit 🍄

L. Pilon

A beautiful forest in Normandy

Prepare yourself for a very sporty hike on the heather trail! This thrilling route will take you up the mountains (well, the hills) around Honfleur, in Calvados, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge... Everything I love!

I start my hike very close to Honfleur, on the small road to the town hall of Berville-sur-Mer, before heading towards the Mont-Courel forest. Here, everything is calm... Like a rustic symphony that rocks my senses, punctuated by the crunching of golden leaves under my feet. The trail goes up and down, from a sunny clearing to the cool of the forest. Far from the city, I feel refreshed, despite the height difference!


  • Departure city : Berville-sur-mer, 20 minutes from Honfleur.
  • Duration of the loop: 1 hour on foot.
  • Circuit distance: 4 kilometers.
  • Difficulty of the hike: Beginner.
  • Warning: trail prohibited during hunting season

💡 My hiking advice in the fall: after this short hike, we ask for more and more... To avoid being left hungry, I decide to rework the walk into mushroom hunting ! Red hats or white hats: it's not easy to find your way under the orange foliage of autumn. But one thing is certain, after picking, go to the pharmacy to enjoy our finds without retaliation!
In the fall, the tourist office organizes mushroom hikes, consult theagenda online.

French Wanderers

Beautiful harvest…

Did you know ? This hiking trail is one of the Loops of the Seine Normandy. A guarantee of beauty and nature, but above all: the promise of numerous encounters... During this fall season, stay alert for hunting periods and big game!

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Hike n°3: Argousier circuit 🥾

L. Pilon

The Normandy Bridge on the horizon

Forward, march! To end in style with our hiking trips near Honfleur, I will take you with me to the coast of Normandy.

Meet in the Berville-sur-Mer town hall car park to start this circuit! If the loop is long, it's nothing compared to the beauty of the walk: along the Seine Estuary, enjoying a gentle breeze... What I love about Normandy!

As I arrive at the entrance to the Calvados Sensitive Natural Area, it is time to turn back. I take the opportunity to take one last photo of the Pont de Normandie with the orange hues of the horizon and wow!


  • Departure city : Berville-sur-Mer, 20 minutes from Honfleur.
  • Duration of the loop: 3 hours on foot.
  • Circuit distance: 11 kilometers.
  • Difficulty of the hike: Beginner.
  • Warning: trail prohibited during hunting season

→ Discover the hiking trail of the Argousier circuit!

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