Reconstruction of La Mora_Honfleur_boat William the Conqueror
La Mora

Historical reconstitution

And if the somewhat crazy project of rebuild William the Conqueror's boat was becoming a reality... and it was happening here on the banks of the Seine in Honfleur?

A show site

In 1066, William the Conqueror was Duke of Normandy, he embarked on a journey to conquer England, after an extraordinary naval levy.
In record time, barely 10 months, William assembled a fleet of more than 1 ships capable of transporting food, weapons, but also horses and an army of around 000 men.
The Mora is the warship given to Guillaume by his wife Mathilde.
The construction site brings to life the flagship of the conquest of England.

La Mora

The construction site

Started in March 2024

Its reconstruction is intended to be as authentic as possible and is part of an experimental archeology project. It is based on the iconography of the Bayeux Tapestry, and on the expertise of its scientific committee – specialists in Norman maritime history and maritime archaeology, naval architects, marine carpenters, etc. – and on the empirical knowledge of the Roskilde Museum, Denmark.

The tapestry is the only visual representation of the Mora. The ducal ship appears on scene 38 and can be recognized by its more imposing dimensions, its stern figure in the shape of a character extending its arm towards England and its lantern blessed by the Pope.

The Bayeux Tapestry

Only pictorial representation of La Mora

A boat intended to sail

Despite the absence of plans from the time, the synthesis of knowledge made it possible to sketch the face of the Mora, that of a maneuvering and marine esneca.
This exciting project also requires understanding the constructive techniques of the 11th century as well as the choices made by the carpenters of the time.
As part of the show project which should last 5 years and mobilize around ten companions, the public can discover the implementation of this constructive process using the gestures and tools of the 11th century.

The reconstruction must also allow the Mora to be approved by Maritime Affairs and therefore to be able to sail!

An immersive scenographic project

The Mora reconstruction show site is accompanied by an immersive scenographic and educational project recounting the formidable epic of the conquest of England and more broadly, the maritime history of Normandy.

Using light shows and special effects, reconstructed sets and touch screens, visitors are placed at the heart of the story like a live experience. A voiceover, that of a shipwright descended from the Vikings, serves as a common thread to guide them throughout the visit.

La Mora

Embark aboard the Mora…

La Mora

…and cross the Channel with Guillaume

La Mora_Honfleur
La Mora

4 rooms, 4 themes

  • Ygdrasill, the World Tree
  • The Scriptorium
  • On board the Mora
  • Normandy, land of maritime adventurers.

From the moment they enter, visitors will be immersed in the dark and magical atmosphere of Nordic mythology explaining the contribution of the Vikings to Normandy in the XNUMXth century. The preparations for the expedition to England, the crossing, but also the Battle of Hastings will also be at the heart of the scenography.
Through the magic of special effects, we will be able to hear the wood cracking, feel the horses breathing, the wind rising and the rolling of the boat heading towards England.
The route will also aim to present the spirit of adventure and innovation of the Normans.

The Friends of Mora association

A boat from the past, a project for the future

Why such a project ?

  • Training young people for careers in marine construction, raise awareness among schoolchildren and academics about the world of the sea, find lost gestures and techniques, tell the maritime history of Normandy, renew an age-old friendship between France and England.
  • The Mora – William the Conqueror association wishes to make the spectacle site a bridge serving training, integration and employment of young people. Its objective is to create real support around the different professions carried out on the site in conjunction with the region's institutional and associative players and partner companies.
  • The scope of activities implemented as part of the show project will make it possible to offer a wide range of internship areas : shipbuilding, public reception, bookstore, shop, ticket office, guided tours, site maintenance, administrative services, etc. This site will also be an opportunity for certain companies to train their own apprentices, particularly in marine carpentry. A final module will concern the training of the future crew of the Mora!
  • Personalized seasonal employees should also be proposed.


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