Culture & heritage lovers, history buffs or curious to know more, follow us through the alleys to find out everything about the secrets of the medieval city. Our guides will share some anecdotes and stories about the historical past of the city of artists. Let us tell you about Honfleur…

The Masson Banning Lover

Guided tours or independent tours, find your pace to enjoy all the cultural riches of Honfleur.

Follow the leader…

Guided tours

Le Masson Banning Lover

Guided tour of the Old Quarters

For fans of heritage, culture and architecture, our visits to the old districts introduce you to the prestigious history of Honfleur.

At the bend of a cobbled alley discover the ancient fortified city of l'Enclos, the Salt Granaries, the Lieutenancy, the magnificent wooden church of Sainte Catherine and of course the famous Vieux Bassin. A real journey through time from the Viking invasions to the impressionist painters.


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Storytelling tour “Stories & Legends”

At nightfall, in an atmosphere conducive to magic, set off to discover the medieval city and the unsuspected charms of Honfleur...

Follow us if you've always wanted to know what the Old Basin hides, who is this salty Harlequin we're talking about, or where did the pirates bury their treasure...?


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Couple walking in Honfleur
La Poze

Offbeat Valentine's Day Tour

Accompanied by your guide and his muse, you will be part of this experience in the romantic city.
Discover the codes of love throughout the ages.


A dramatized visit, full of surprises, awaits you.


So for the evening of February 14, to the question: “Where are we going this evening, Darling? »

The answer is obvious: it is in Honfleur that hearts race!
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Dramatic visit “Legends & witchcraft” – Halloween

Embark at nightfall, for a dramatized visit which will reveal some of the mysteries of the old Normandy port.
Do you know the legend of the Salted Harlequin? Do you know what is hidden at the bottom of the Vieux Bassin? Could you explain the origin of the name Honfleur?
Follow your guide through the old streets and don't be surprised to come across surprising people there.

François Louchet

Dramatic visit “Seafarers”

The history of Honfleur is populated by sailors, explorers, captains, corsairs and fishermen.

We wanted to pay tribute to all these men and women, from Honfleur by birth or adoption, who have dedicated their lives to the sea. Let us tell you their stories! Along the way you will meet several characters who will help you better understand maritime life in Honfleur.

The gourmet experience

A unique discovery of Honfleur through culinary experiences and tastings with our partners. Don't wait any longer to awaken your senses!


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At your own pace

Self-guided tours

Audio guides

Take the time to stroll while cultivating yourself. Our audio guides allow you an independent stroll through the historic center.

Between two stops, don't hesitate to take advantage of the small shops, art galleries and other café terraces along your route.

Audio guides are available in French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and German.


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Virtual reality tour

Discover our beautiful maritime city with virtual reality tours, using the LEGENDR application.

Two routes:

  • Route 1: This walk will immerse you in the heart of the city's history, with unique reconstructions in virtual reality.
  • Route 2: Incredible discovery in the Lieutenancy construction site! A chest was found during the work, but no one knows how to open it. Equipped with your smartphone, find the clues in the city and follow the trail of history. A reward awaits all those who investigate.

And in a group?

Do you want to come in a group? Our service has designed tailor-made services for you!

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