Are you looking for feathers and chirps? Today, I'm taking you to a corner of France where different bird species put on a show like nowhere else: the Marais de la Risle, in Normandy! Prepare your GONm* atlas to discover the flora and fauna of the region. Ready to take off for the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park?
*Norman Ornithological Group.

On the Eel Trail… 🍃

If you are as intrepid as me, don't wait any longer! Follow me on Eel Trail, marked out in blue and yellow, for an adventure rich in nature and birds. From my first steps, Medieval House from Saint-Sulpice, I discovered with pleasure the Normandy valley and its numerous apple trees: it is a real Garden of Eden!

As my hike continues in the heart of Normandy, I pass from surprise to surprise. A small romantic wooden bridge, a natural stream that murmurs life, without forgetting the wildlife around me: the birds are already gracing us with their presence! If you are a good observer, you may be lucky enough to come across a black stork... A species accustomed to Normandy!

Loic Pilon

The overflowing wildlife of the marsh

We don’t just come across birds there…

The wild horses of the marsh

At every step, the scents of Norman gardens tickle my nostrils: cherries with comfrey (small purple flowers), It's a real treat ! The ideal appetite for our arrival at the Marais de la Risle. I hope to see many species of birds there!

…To the Marais de la Risle

We are there: the Marais de la Risle

It is similar to Marais Vernier, in the heart of the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park.
It is a landmark for observing birds of all species and therefore, a real Noah's Ark for the wildlife of Normandy!
Accompanied by Jean's group of enthusiasts, the ornithological guide of the marshes, I set out to discover the wonders of the region!

The birds of the Marsh

As we continue this ornithological adventure on the Marais Discovery Path, my eyes follow everything that moves. Gray herons, peregrine falcons, white storks... There are all kinds of bird species, as well as the famous boreal titmouse!
And I learn more: Jean tells me that the titmouse is part of the list of protected species of birds and fauna. Its presence is more than astonishing in the heart of this nature!

Heart of hives

Heart of Hives…

It's the story of a seed that we sow, which eventually germinates and which we patiently watch grow.

Direct sale of honey from the beekeeper

Learn more

A little further…

On the advice of Noé, a fine connoisseur of the region, we take the route to the panorama of Saint-Samson de la Roque. On the way, we are never alone! Birds, rare species, and an endless list of animals... It's like diving into the GONm Ornithological Atlas! I hear the footsteps, the chirping, and all this nature that lives around us.

Here we are at the edge of a cliff with an incredible view: the Pointe de Saint-Samson de la Roque! If the road seems long, crooked and sometimes muddy, it's nothing compared to what awaits me up there. Honfleur, the Seine Estuary, the Normandy Bridge… It’s all there!


From the Saint Samson de la Roque lighthouse

Our walk in nature is coming to an end... The group guides me further south, around the Grand'Mare ornithological observatory. From here, the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park seems to extend endlessly. It's time to take a group photo!

While Jean lists the different species of birds of Normandy, a sharp cry surprises the group. It’s the Great Spotted Woodpecker! This funny species is known for drumming on trees like in the cartoons.
Nature is a real spectacle when the birds put on a show…


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