Notice to fans of sea ​​food : Normandy opens its arms to you! Live from the charming fishing port of Honfleur in Calvados, where I am ready to help you discover the little treasures of the Seine Estuary. Get ready to salivate over tantalizing images, I'll take you from Old Bassin up to the seaside of the city to taste the delicious seafood…

Fishing is good in Honfleur! 🎣

Do you hear them? The seagulls of Normandy gave us an early morning appointment at the fishing port of Honfleur! It is here that our valiant sailors from Calvados arrive on the quays every morning armed with their finds.

It's very early at the port of Honfleur and I'm ready to leave for new activities in Pays d'Auge.

Head to the Quai de la Quarantaine in Honfleur to watch the landing!

Imagine for a moment: the sun has not yet lit up the Seine Estuary, the streets of the old port of Honfleur are still asleep... But here, the fishermen of Normandy are already hard at work, bringing back their catch of the day !

With my camera in hand, I was able to immortalize this little moment of life and I must say that the images speak for themselves

Good to know

Buy your fish straight from the boat!
From fisherman to consumer! Wednesday morning and Saturday morning, direct sale of freshly caught fish and seafood (depending on availability)!

Sunrise over the harbor

Finally the sun appears and warms us

THE Star of the Bay of Seine – The scallop

From the opening of the season – in October – it is essential
on plates until May.
The best way to taste it?
As simply as possible, just snacked or in a carpaccio…
In any case, the best place is necessarily in the ports of the Normandy coast, including Honfleur.

Our fish is fresh!

From the boats on the water to the market stalls, it's just a short walk. From the port of Honfleur, I reach Place Sainte-Catherine in the city center in pursuit of discoveries on the Seine! Soles, dogfish, mackerel, eels, cod... It's all there!
What I love more than anything are the two specialties of the port of Honfleur: gray shrimps and scallops. It makes you want !

The Place Sainte-Catherine market : it's the Saturday morning meeting in Honfleur! From the Sainte-Catherine church to the quays of the marina, I sail from stall to stall to discover the products from Normandy. Cider from Pays d'Auge, Calvados, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits... I always leave with my hands and head full of memories of Honfleur!

Saturday morning market

Place Sainte Catherine

Gray shrimp_Honfleur
F. Louchet

Focus on the P'tite Grise

That's what we call gray shrimp... It's small, it's gray, it's above all delicious!
It's true that it has to be earned because novices can spend a certain amount of time dissecting it, but we love it Honfleuraise style, just with buttered toast.

The small crustacean is celebrated in Honfleur during Shrimp and Fishing Festival with its fish market and other local products, its concerts, its exhibitions, its events…

The fishmongers of Honfleur: generous Normandy! 🐟

I assure you, I am not always a morning person. But to enjoy the good products of Honfleur, I keep with me some choice addresses:

The Spray: a fishmonger nestled between the Sainte-Catherine church, the Vieux Bassin de Honfleur, and the half-timbered houses. Fish, shellfish and crustaceans, in platters, in preserves and in small homemade dishes... All you have to do is sit down at the table!
📍Les Embruns, 28 rue de la République, in Honfleur.

The Seahorse: want to savor the latest catches from the port of Honfleur? The opinions are unanimous: go to Quai Tostain, the Vieux Bassin and the port of Honfleur to taste the good products of Calvados! We taste on the spot before buying our finds, nothing better to take the plunge!
📍L'Hippocampe, Quai Tostain, Vieux Bassin, in Honfleur.

A little taste of the sea

Come on board with us for one of our Joyous Vadrouilles. From the fishing port of Honfleur to the kitchens of the L’Endroit restaurant for a recipe with an inevitably iodized taste…

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