Grains of sand and feet in the water

Loic Pilon

We often see lovers walking hand in hand on the sand of the estuary. 
But here the beach is for everyone. We come there with family and friends and we can splash around, have fun, do water sports, run... in short, a space of freedom. 
Located at the entrance to Honfleur on the coast road, Plage du Butin has all the facilities to welcome you during the summer season: free parking, showers, cabins, equipment rental and children's play area... Supervised swimming (in July and August). Dogs are allowed before 10 a.m. and after 19 p.m. provided they are on a leash.

The little +

Seahorse chairs allowing people with disabilities to swim are available free of charge in July and August. 
The beach of Crickhowell or that of Pennedepie, located as an extension of the road will appeal to lovers of more secluded sites (dogs are allowed all year round).

Put on your sailor top

Welcome to Butin Beach!

It's the name of this beach at the exit of the estuary, it's a bit mysterious, don't you think?

And for good reason, it takes its name from the practices once used by Honfleur pirates.

It is said that the latter had the habit of lighting fires on the beach, to attract boats returning to the port after dark. Thinking they were already at the entrance to the harbor, the boats ran aground on the sandbanks and the pirates plundered the cargoes.

Legend also explains that tunnels then connected the beach to the sailors' quarters in order to transport the loot thus collected more discreetly. But today, no one knows where the entrance is.
If you would like to discover other tales and legends from our Honfleur folklore, come every Saturday evening for our “History and Legends” storytelling tours.

François Louchet

Sailing School

Created in 2015, the Sailing School offers packages suitable for everyone, all year round. Learn about sailing or improve your skills, discover new techniques, sail in a J80 in the Bay of Seine with a skipper, do water walking, rent equipment... with the Sailing School, it's insurance quality supervision by a team of qualified instructors. The school is affiliated with the French Sailing Federation, recognition of the quality of its teaching, its equipment and the optimum safety provided by its management. 

The activities

  • Optimist, catamaran or habitable J80 sailing courses during school holidays (April, July, August, October) from 7 years old with 3 and 5 day packages
  • Sand yachting all year round 
  • Discovery of water walking all year round
  • Sailing in a habitable J80 in the Bay of Seine with a skipper
  • Single or giant paddle and kayak rental all year round
  • Beach point at Butin 7/7 in July and August

Welcoming groups and seminars by reservation, contact us:

Welcoming groups and seminars by reservation, contact us.

Practical information Cercle Nautique Honfleur 8 rue Saint-Antoine, 14600 Honfleur – tel. 02 31 98 87 13 [email protected] –

The Merry Mops

Find our wanderers in their adventures with the Sailing School

“We Get Wet” – Season 2

Clémence and Camille embark with Tom and Alexis for an introduction to sailing (J80 and Catamaran)And without spoiling things, the title of the episode is quite premonitory…

“Wind in the sails” – Season 3

The girls are back at Butin beach but this time they stay on the sand with Aymeric who will try to teach them sand yachting... with more or less success...

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