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To advertise your event we will need:

  • Du title of your event
  • Of a texts description of your event.
  • Of one or more gallery in landscape format (jpeg or png), no poster!
  • Du type event (music, hiking, flea market, etc.)
  • Personalized dates et schedule
  • Du lieu specific
  • Personalized contacts (telephone, email, website, etc.)
  • Optional: From booking link / ticketing for your event
Announce an event

Announce an event

Fill out the form to announce your event. It will be visible on our online calendar and in our paper calendar, edited and printed at the beginning of the month.

Only events taking place in the territory of the Pays de Honfleur-Beuzeville community of communes (CCPHB) will be published.
association ? club? school ? restaurant or tourist site?
If your event takes place on a single date, enter the same date in both places.
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