Beuzeville benefits from a perfect location between sea and countryside, giving it a pleasant living environment, cultural life and rich association. Its proximity to Honfleur and major roads allow it to be a central base for discovering the territory. It is also a town with a rich historical past; panels placed in the town center will tell you more about its history.

A modern and attractive town

The Bourg de Beuzeville has undergone a recent renovation. We like to walk there, stop in its small shops and restaurants. In the surrounding area, numerous trails hikes or bike loops to enjoy the natural and rejuvenating landscape.

Saint-Hélier Church de Beuzeville is renowned for its 19 crystal windows, Do not miss…

Beuzeville-town hall square
La Poze

Discover La Cidrerie , a former grain factory rehabilitated and become a cultural center and performance hall in 2021. Each year, the program is richer and richer, the shows always almost sold out. Big names come to perform there: Cali, Arnaud Tsamère, Sanseverino… It’s a real dynamic hub for the town.

The library from Beuzeville also plays an important role in access to culture for all: readings, exhibitions, workshops, evenings, etc.

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Tuesday morning market (9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)

Events and demonstrations

Beuzeville, a lively town

The meeting of know-how_Beuzeville_May 8, 2024

Activities throughout the year and for the whole family

By its library, its cultural center La Cidrerie and its numerous associations, Beuzeville offers you a rich cultural program, events, exhibitions and activities throughout the year, for the whole family.

See the demonstrations in Beuzeville

A fairy tale feel

The snow-covered Norman Manor of Beuzeville

Highlights in Beuzeville

Le 08 May 2024

The meeting of know-how

Place de la République, Beuzeville
The Késako know-how meeting? Artists, producers, craftsmen, creators and enthusiasts come together on the square to present their know-how to you. You will come across different materials: wood, fabric, glass, stone, earth... but also all kinds of delicacies: chocolate, jam, cider, cheese, butter, beer... In addition to everything...
Clémentine Lenormand

One evening after work...

Pink sky immortalized by Clémentine, office colleague

Beuzeville discovery tour 

Let yourself be told the story of a village which, through the centuries, evolves and transforms to offer today a town between modernity and tradition, rich in local stores and its cultural heritage. still existing.

The Beuzeville discovery circuit offers you, with the help of information panels, a promenade through the history of the city's emblematic buildings and places. Follow the yellow markings “Le Sentier du Lavoir”

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Saint Helier Church

Saint Helier Church

It was once surrounded by a cemetery moved in 1833 to make way for departmental road 14. The original building was erected in XIII century. During the night of May 13 to 14 1764, during a violent storm, lightning struck the bell tower which burst into flames. Flames scattered on the roofs of neighboring cottages, the fire ravaged the entire town. This fire, explaining the absence of Norman houses in the town center, had a profound impact on the people of Beuzeville and subsequently gave rise to numerous security measures.

The church of Beuzeville is today renowned for its 19 canopies made by François Décorchemont, master glassmaker. He created them using white crystal powder, making them translucent like alabaster, in an admirable symphony of colors.

For information

The church is open every day from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE.

Discover the history and secrets of these stained glass windows thanks to the audio guides offered by the Beuzeville tourist office. More information on 02 32 57 72 10

Wheat hall

Farmers came to place their foodstuffs and goods there to store them. The blatier merchants then got their supplies there, and thus redistributed the wheat throughout the canton.

This building retained the function of a wheat market until the beginning of the 2006th century; it was then transformed into a cinema room, then into a party hall. In XNUMX, the town of Beuzeville gave this hall its original name again and undertook beautification work which made the wheat hall what it is today.

The wash house

The Saint-Hélier washhouse is one of the largest covered washhouses in the region!

In the past, at the wash house, clothes were rinsed, so some basins are divided into two: a large part for the first rinse and a smaller part for the second rinse. Laundries also have their own “boiler room” for drying laundry. In our region, the use
of the washhouse followed a simple rule: days to treat the skins and wool, days to work the linen, days to water the animals, days for the washerwomen – Depending on the seasons and needs, the rhythm changed!

To know

A road to the wash houses was initiated several years ago by students from the Beuzeville elementary school as part of work on “small heritage along the water” – Find this circuit and set off to discover the area’s wash houses ! Information at the Tourist Office reception desks.

La Cidrerie

In 1833, Mr. Lemonnier founded a cider house in Beuzeville. It is one of the oldest and most important in the Eure department. In 1900, the Cidrerie de Beuzeville diversified its activity by obtaining authorization to establish a distillery on its property to produce Calvados. In 1929, La Cidrerie suffered from the economic crisis of 1929. It was later bought by the Beaucamp company, seed grower, already established in Beuzeville, and which is looking for premises to expand and in particular open a store. In 2005, the company moved to ensure its expansion.

As part of the city center redevelopment project, the City de Beuzeville decides to take over the site in 2015. The project is refined to become a cultural center with a theater and exhibition venues. Each year, the programming is richer and richer and the shows are always almost sold out. Big names come to perform there: Cali, Arnaud Tsamère, Sanseverino… It’s a real dynamic hub for the town.

The Manor

Jacques Dominique Vauquelin, first owner of this building was mayor of
Beuzeville from 1848 to 1876, then his son Armand mayor from 1877 to 1882 and by their descendants until 1943. It was in the 80s that the building took its original form. Norman manor with a half-timbered facade which will give all its style to the building. At that time, under the leadership of architects on the nearby flowery coast, the Norman style is in full revival.

In 2018, the town of Beuzeville decided to buy the manor and the garden, left to
abandonment by the last owner. The town of Beuzeville wishes to create a park,
a " refreshing garden » promoting biodiversity. The manor must accommodate the
Beuzeville reception office of the Honfleur Community Tourist Office
and other services.

The marketplace

During the second half of the 2th century, a butcher's hall was built on the square. The butchers came there to sell their goods and, on the side, often
even the ground was a fruit and vegetable market. The crowds flocked to this dense market which extended to the church square, making this Tuesday morning a highly anticipated moment of sharing for all the inhabitants. In 1956, this hall was destroyed, freeing up space for the provision of a parking lot capable of accommodating the ever-increasing number of automobiles.

The Beuzeville market takes place every Tuesday morning, and has always done so. It was one of the most important in the Eure department thanks to its trade with Calvados and its proximity to the port of Le Havre.

Beuzeville market

You will find many local products and specialties on the Beuzeville market: cheeses, cream, butter but also vegetables, cider…

Not to be missed in Beuzeville

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