Immersed in a painter’s house in Honfleur

Let's venture together to Honfleur, a charming town in Normandy in France, for a visit between four walls. Forget the paintings of Eugène Boudin and the art of Claude Monet for a moment, and let me tell you about this meeting with La Forge de Honfleur and its artisan painter! A meeting in the streets of Honfleur… 🖌️…


Visit Honfleur: Our 10 gems to photograph

Do you dream of relaxing for a weekend in Normandy? I take you to a corner of paradise nestled on the Seine estuary, just opposite Le Havre. Welcome to Honfleur! Let me show you around this pearl of Calvados: from the Sainte-Catherine church to the Vieux Bassin, passing through the villages…


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