You dream of breathing for a weekend in Normandy ? I take you to a corner of paradise nestled on the Seine estuary, just opposite Le Havre. welcome to Honfleur ! Let me show you around this pearl of Calvados:Sainte-Catherine church au Old Bassin, Via the villages surroundings… Let's explore the city according to my selection of the 10 places to capture the magic of Honfleur. Take your cameras !

Antoine Leroy
Antoine Leroy - Honfleur Vieux Bassin


Visit to the Old Basin of Honfleur 🛥️

Follow me through the streets, in search of the beating heart of Honfleur: the Old Bassin and its picturesque port! Imagine for a moment: half-timbered houses teetering above the shimmering water, sailboats gently swaying like in a painting by Eugène Boudin... What a spectacle!

The Vieux Bassin and the port of Honfleur are real chameleons! Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, Normandy reveals itself in a new facet throughout the day. 3, 2, 1, capture!


Honfleur Carousel Ride 🎠

Let me tell you my most beautiful memory from Honfleur: the city ​​carousel. I discovered him by chance, as if his iconic music had guided me to him. It doesn’t matter if you are young in body or at heart, the Carrousel de Honfleur is a magical place! Listen the laughter of children, breathe this scent of nostalgia and get out your cameras. The Honfleur carousel may make your head spin!
Please note: the carousel is present between Easter weekend and the end of October.

Carousel Honfleur @rosugabrielav
Vincent Rustuel / Calvados Attractiveness


Visit to the Manoir d’Apreval in Pennedepie 🍎

Want a visit that will dance your taste buds to the rhythm of Pennedepie? THE Apreval Manor, the very essence of Pays d'Auge, tickle your senses! Much more than a simple visit, this bucolic getaway is about to deliver the gourmet secrets Calvados, an authentic elixir from Normandy!

My advice: continue your visit in the orchard. Where green hills blend with the seascape. Pays d'Auge effect guaranteed on your photos! The Manoir d’Apreval, located next to the beach is a unique gem not to be missed in the region.

Believe me, you have never tasted Normandy like this…


Admire the Medieval House of Saint-Sulpice-de-Grimbouville ⏳

Arriving at the foot of the Medieval House, I let myself be carried away by theromantic allure of this historic building of Middle ages. These walls biscornus de wood and Pierre worn by time, the sweet scent of viburnum perfumes the air all around us... And guess what? The Medieval House is nestled at the top of La Risle marsh ! No filter will be able to match the beauty of an end of the day near Honfleur.

Loic Pilon
Medieval House-L.Pilon
C. Deshayes
Terrace of Lieutenance_Honfleur


Tour on the terraces of La Lieutenance in Honfleur 🌊

Are you looking for a nice place to take a break? Whether you are a photographer budding, passionate aboutarchitecture or a fan ofStory, I recommend the Lieutenancy of Honfleur! More than just a visit, come discover my favorite place in the heart of the city: on the second floor, on the terrace for the Lieutenancy…It’s a breathtaking view of the Old Bassin and the port of Honfleur! And believe in my experience: from the terrace, your photos will be incredible ! I encourage you to open the doors of this new Interpretation Center which is worth the detour.


Tour to Mont Joli from Équemauville 📸

For our next visit: put on your walking shoes and your film! Follow me to the heights of the steep slope on the Côte de Grâce in Équemauville, a neighboring town to Honfleur. In a few steps and we are there: the panorama of Mont Joli ! From up there, you can see everything: the majestic bridge of Normandy, Old Bassin, Honfleur beach…So, prepare to be dazzled, because Mont Joli is here to show you the beauty of Calvados!

Cherry on Mont Joli: the Notre Dame de Grace chapel. A highly recommended visit to prolong this moment of absolute calm a little further!

French Wanderers
Hello Laroux


Visit to Grestain Abbey in Fatouville-Grestain 🌳

Let me tell you about a little-known corner of Normandy, but nevertheless full of history: theGrestain Abbey ! Imagine yourself wandering through the majestic ruins of this centuries-old monastery, with the sun's rays playing hide and seek between the stones... Ready to capture the present moment?

To extend your adventure in the footsteps of William the Conqueror, I advise you to take a walk in the abbey park ! A pause pose is necessary?


Visit to the Church of Sainte-Catherine in Honfleur 🔔

During my stay in the cobbled streets of Honfleur, I had the pleasure of going to visits en discoveries ! In the heart of a lively city square, amidst laughter and the smell of coffee, it seems peaceful: the Sainte-Catherine church in Honfleur. Imagine a church covered inwood scales possessing a separate bell tower from the rest of the building, thus giving it a unique character! Get your cameras ready, because this church is a unique nugget in France ! Click, click, I have fun immortalizing these pretty vaults in the shape of inverted boat hulls.

Loïc Lagarde


Visit the Saint-Hélier Church in Beuzeville

Very close to Honfleur, hides a real spectacle for the pupils : a life-size kaleidoscope! Push the doorsSaint-Hélier church, believe me. THE stained glass by the master glassmaker Décorchemont are worth the detour…Look up! I'll see you at lunch to enjoy the most beautiful rays of light. You will save in flash!


Visit to the Esplanade des Voiles de la liberté, in Berville-sur-Mer ⛵

How to leave Honfleur without a memory of Normandy bridge ? Join me on the Esplanade des Voiles de la Liberté, at Berville-sur-Mer ! Nestled in a green setting, facing the Seine, sailboat in the wind... What better way to say goodbye to Normandy? The Esplanade des Voiles de la Liberté ends our journey of the most masterful way of your visit to Honfleur.

Esplanade of the sails of liberty_Berville sur mer_Aurélien Papa

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