12 October 13 October 2024


Every year, monthly October, Honfleur celebrates crevette and fishing, during its traditional “Shrimp Festival”. The medieval city is transformed into a maritime city, stands on the theme of the sea take over the quays of the Vieux-Bassin. Various activities are organized throughout the weekend.


The unmissable event is gray shrimp shelling competition ! Usually scheduled for Sunday afternoon, it involves peeling as many shrimp as possible in two minutes maximum. Dexterity et training are essential to successfully shell this small crustacean, specialty and symbol of Honfleur, properly and quickly. If novices do not exceed 2 or 3 g, the best manage to shell around 20 g of small gray shrimps, or around twenty shrimps!

On the program, each year: animations on the theme of the sea, chants sailors, concerts, craftsmanship and exhibitions of paint, the contest shelling, tastings, Brive market to fish, a rassemblement old rigging.

You will understand, the shrimp festival is a date GENUINE which pays homage to the shrimp, emblem of the city. Throughout the weekend, we also celebrate the fishermen, boats and their crews, sea and everything that surrounds it.

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