Le 14 July 2024

The national holiday in Honfleur represents a unique opportunity to discover ancestral sailor games which celebrate the maritime traditions of the port city. So, do you want to come to Honfleur on July 14?

The Maypole

Often the first meeting of this festive day, the cocagne mast soaped, on which participants must climb to catch a flag, caused a sensation. Each participant leaves with a small gift: treats, local product or voucher.

The baptism of the tropics

The principle is simple: By team of two people with a sulky (cart used during trotting horse races): one person will sit on the cart and the other will pull. The goal: use a pole to aim at the hole under the bucket: if you miss, it's a shower!

A lot of fun for both participants and spectators.

François Louchet

Mythical test: The tilted mast

Since 1880, the inclined mast has been part of the program for July 14 festivities in Honfleur. The principle is very simple: go find a flag hanging on the end of a 12 meter log, suspended above the Vieux-Bassin. The slides and dives follow one another, in front of a cheerful crowd, until one of the participants manages to brandish the coveted flag to the applause of the public who have come to admire this spectacle!

Torchlight retreat

At nightfall, the city is crossed by a jovial torchlight procession. Departing from the town hall, it crosses the entire medieval city so that everyone can enjoy this sweet spectacle.


The traditional fireworks display is fired every year from the Est Pier on the port of Honfleur à 23h.

The evening ends with a popular ball on the Town Hall Square.

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