Iconic, unmissable, unforgettable, Instagrammable…, a shower of superlatives to describe the famous Vieux Bassin de Honfleur.
And he is all of these at the same time without a doubt. It is the best known and most visited site of our destination.

Best Jobbers

And we understand why... what a joy to stroll along its quays, to take the time to admire the play of the water mirror and the changing reflections in the light of the Seine Estuary.
All those who once pass by the Vieux Bassin try to capture its magic, to recreate its unique atmosphere.
Yes, we have to admit it, it’s the hot spot in the area for all Insta accounts!!

And since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, there's nothing better than immersing yourself in these magnificent photos.

The Best Jobbers

A suspended moment

Just you, me… and the reflections of the Vieux Bassin

Bénédicte Jouatel

Evening lights

What if we went to sit on the terrace too?

Visit the Old Basin

Top 3 of the best times to come and enjoy the Old Basin of Honfleur

You have to follow the light of course!

  • In the morning, when the sun lights up and warms the facades of Quai Sainte Catherine... it's the opportunity to sit on the terrace for breakfast with the seagulls singing.
  • At the very end of the afternoon, more like aperitif time. The terraces also welcome you in this incredible natural setting.
  • Evening once night falls, the atmosphere is simply magical. You absolutely must come and observe the dance of the lights of the houses reflected in the water of the port.

Focus on: The Lieutenancy

This prestigious stone monument which sits at the entrance to the Old Basin of Honfleur.
It is the last vestige of the fortifications which surrounded the entire port until the end of the 17th century, and its silhouette is inseparable from it.

Today it hosts a CIAP (Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Center) dedicated to the maritime history of Honfleur.
The 360° view from its terraces is simply incredible. The observation binoculars installed there allow you to discover the evolution of the Old Basin over the centuries.

Pratical information

Where to park to visit the Vieux Bassin?

Find all parking nearby: East basin car park, center car park or Naturospace car park (free).

Where to take the most beautiful photos of the Vieux Bassin?

Our advice: go up to the terraces of La Lieutenance, a panoramic view overlooking the port awaits you!

Special boater information

Visit Ports of Calvados of the CCI Caen Normandy

Visit Honfleur from the Vieux Bassin

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