I found the perfect activity for family outing near Honfleur. Welcome to Maud and her casseroles! La Ferme des Cocottes is an organic food farm in the heart of a beautiful forest. This site surrounded by nature not only offers total disconnection but also a respect for nature both the fauna and the flora.

Our Traveling Hearts

Maud sensitized children, from a very young age, to the protection of biodiversity.

This is at Saint Maclou, a few kilometers from Honfleur that I meet Maud Lecarpentier. Accompanied by Lagny, her border collie from whom she is inseparable, Maud offers me a commented visit of his farm and his world. Here is the story of my meeting with this farmer who is passionate about living things and biodiversity.

A family project focused on the environment 🌿

Our traveling hearts

At a time educational farm, permaculture garden et organic chicken farming, I discover a place where Mother Nature is queen. Maud explains to me that she has always been sensitive to nature protection and its beauty. His transition to a healthy lifestyle and a responsible agricultural profession took place gradually. It was the meeting with his soul mate that made him realize his childhood dream: building an educational farm to live in the middle of nature with animals. The objective of this project? Raising awareness of nature and the preservation of its natural heritage!

🐔His specialty: Chickens, and more particularly, the noirans, a hybrid of the marans and the redhead. This hen produces eggs of superior quality. Through her natural breeding and respecting organic farming, Maud hopes to protect this breed that the industry is endangering.

Let's review baby animals as a family! 🐣

It was my favorite activity when I was a child: reviewing baby animals with the family! What's better than an educational farm for transmettre this knowledge with the younger generations? Maud offers guided tours on the farm for families and groups of children in high season. If you're looking for the place to fuel the “Which came first or the casserole came first” debate, look no further!

👶Possible activities on the farm:

  • Herding dog demonstration
  • Pig feeding
  • Cuddles with guinea pigs
  • Grooming of ponies
  • Fishing for small creatures of the pond
  • And many other discoveries!

When to visit

All year round by appointment — Group visit in July/August and during school holidays except Christmas.

Go and meet Maud in the Normandy markets 🧺

Did the visit to Maud's farm appeal to you and would you like to be in her company again? I advise you to take advantage of its presence on the markets of the territory to buy its labeled products bios ! His chickens lay excellent eggs that I love to make omelette or Egg casserole ! If you can't wait, Maud offers the sale of her products on site, during your discovery of the Ferme des Cocottes!

🥚 Egg Cocotte recipe with Normandy Camembert:

Products to put in your basket:

  • 1/2 Camembert from Normandy
  • 1 pot of Norman liquid cream
  • 4 eggs from Maud’s casseroles
  • Fresh chives


Recipe to put on the plate

  1. Preheat the oven th.7 (210°C)
  2. Cut half of the Normandy Camembert into 8 equal portions.
  3. Place 2 tablespoons of liquid cream then 2 portions of Camembert in each ramekin.
  4. Break 1 casserole egg delicately into each ramekin and add ½ spoon of liquid cream.
  5. Season.
  6. Bake the ramekins in a bain-marie for 11 minutes. Adjust the duration if necessary.
  7. Sprinkle with fresh chives from the garden, and enjoy your meal!

📍Where to see Maud and her casseroles again ? Territorial markets, notably Honfleur organic market Wednesday morning on Place Sainte-Catherine.

Practical information for visiting the Ferme des Cocottes

Our Traveling Hearts
Casserole farm ©Nos Coeurs Voyageurs

Access : La Ferme des Cocottes, 1827 route de Foulbec, 27210 Saint-Maclou

Purchase of products on site during the visit or in the local markets.

Maud's contact : 06 11 32 67 15


Base price of the tour : €5,27 – from 18 months

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