A getaway to Calvados is a real escape in the heart of sacred and protected nature. Want to stroll and sit in a garden ? You will inevitably find the ideal park to welcome you and breathe the fresh air of our beloved Normandy.

Endless favorites in the footsteps of gardeners and market gardeners passionate about Mother Nature, you will have them, that's for sure! Dear travelers, I invite you to discover without further delay these gardens where fertile nature will take you on a journey to another world.

👩🏻‍🎨 In the footsteps of inspired artists at the Jardin des Personalités

Garden of Personalities Honfleur Artists
Vincent Rustuel

A first idea, and not the least, almost 10 hectares available to me in this park! The Garden of Personalities of Honfleur saw the birth of the inspiration of many companions. Along my way, I come face to face with the busts of Claude Monet or even Charles Baudelaire returning to the imagination of my childhood. At the heart of vegetated boats, the artists encourage me to sail on my memories. I better understand the positive reviews about this park!


Plots of Roses perfumed invite me to daydream and stroll during my walk. There ideal location from the Garden of Personalities, along the Seine estuary offers me a meditation session by the water. Aouuum, Namaste Normandy! I would come back to my hotel relaxed, that's for sure!

The trees in the garden seem to be playing wolf with the sun very present that day (yes, it often happens in Normandy!): corners of shadows are emerging and I can already observe the young and old alike. have fun around a picnic rural. Speaking of picnics…

La Poze

The Garden of Personalities

Peace and quiet

🗓️ Note in my calendar : the Musical Picnic in the garden, every last Sunday in June. Meet at the Jardin des Personalités kiosk. It's not just in the port of Amsterdam that sailors sing... Find those from Honfleur at the Jardin des Personalités!

💦 Along the water at the Jardin du Tripot

Venice seems to have left its suitcases in Calvados, and it's not at the hotel! Nothing like a walk along the water to escape to other horizons... This is what the Jardin du Tripot de Honfleur offers, located in the old tanners' district. I found in this park on the banks of the little Claire river a real Safe Haven where reigns quietude and zenitude. We love ! A walk past the hydrangeas and other floral beauties and I am captivated by so much beauty. Unique viewpoints offer a suspended visit to the historic heart of this jewel of Normandy. If you ask me, this garden is one of the most astonishing in Honfleur!

🎨 The artistic note : go and meetAnnick Leroy, one of the most popular artists talented from Honfleur! The art of this sculptor was honored in the Jardin du Tripot. I was captivated by its mosaic fresco which illustrates the work of the tanners and dyers. A giant mosaic snail is also hiding somewhere, in the garden... The artist did not stop at the mosaic and also created two fountains especially for the park: one with 4 geese and a second, surprising and unique of its kind, TheChild with umbrella…Did you come across them during your walk in the Jardin du Tripot de Honfleur?

Walking route: Pier & Gardens

Discover the gardens of Honfleur in traveling through the city and its gardens.

🥬 Permaculture without hunger at the Jardin d’Alain

" Nothing is lost, everything is transformed ! » said Lavoisier in 1789. In Honfleur, this phrase still resonates in the hearts ofAlain, Norman, passionate about gardens. He invites travelers to discover his during organized tours. Permaculture is what drives it! Royalty continues in this garden in freedom: here, the biodiversity is queen, and that's not likely to change. If Mother Nature decides to reign, it's not Alain who will stop her. In my opinion, you will not leave your visit to this garden unscathed!

Ma promenade in Alain's Garden is extraordinary: among the tomato plants, the market gardener tells us about the values de partage of this family garden. I drink in his advice on natural cycles to reproduce his know-how once back home. Protecting nature is accessible to everyone, and there is nothing like a personal vegetable garden to reduce our ecological impact. It's also the best way to enjoy good fruits and vegetables from the garden!

Good to know

  • The Jardin d'Alain in Saint-Pierre-du-Val (27210) can be visited on certain dates, contact 02 32 57 72 10
  • Price of the guided tour of the garden : Free

✨ The Forge of History in the garden of Florence Marie

1001 sights are offered to me when I push the multicolored door of the garden of the artist Florence Marie. Yet in the heart of the medieval Sainte Catherine de Honfleur district, I find myself right in the contemporary artistic journey. Welcome to La Forge de Florence Marie! Scenes of life and bits of childhood memories come together in this garden and this unique art house. Are we in Jules Verne or in the world of Lewis Carroll? It's up to you to define it, according to your desires of the day, I look forward to your opinion!

Loïc Lagarde

Unusual and inspiring, immerse yourself in the world of Florence Marie.

❤️ Story of my meeting with the artist : nestled at the foot of a new work, Florence happily tells me about her inspirations. History, life, love. She claims that she did not invent anything, yet her creations are unique like them! Colorful, full of life, but above all unusual. A fire-breathing dragon or even a giraffe: the animals of La Fontaine have met in town with new personalities. His advice to travelers in search of meaning who visit his open-air museum in Honfleur? Curiosity !

Good to know

  • Price of the visit to La Forge d’Honfleur : Free
  • Address : 25 Rue de la Foulerie, 14600 Honfleur
  • Contact and reservation : 02 31 89 49 39

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